Hanane El Moutii: “A Visionary Force”

Mauves aligning with sexy browns and earthy terracottas transform the minimalist social media accounts of Hanane El Moutii and her PR agency, Éclat Public Relations. As one of the first Moroccan female founders and CEOs in this space, she is a triple threat in hype, lifestyle, and image management.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, she says that her “sources of inspiration are consistently changing.”

Hanane’s world view, from amidst the rolling hills of Northern Italy comes full circle with the vibrant lively Morocco, and the boisterous commotion of her new west coaster living style in the city of dreamers, tinsel town, LA. Born to two Moroccan parents and raised in Italy, she gained a true embodiment of two cultures with a fusion of Italy’s La Dolce Vita while also spending endless summer afternoons surrounded by family, basking in the Moroccan sun where a symphony of music, a kaleidoscope of colors, and the warmth of family gatherings embraced her next to a savory sea.

“One of the reasons why I love Los Angeles is the light. Sunsets and sunrises in Los Angeles are filled with magic; colors that range between hues of pink and orange. I’ve only seen a sky that could compare to this one in Morocco.” she proclaims.

Nevertheless, her unwavering bond and profound connection to her heritage stand as a true testament to the exquisite beauty of diversity and the indomitable strength of perseverance. The journey that led her to become the founder and CEO of Éclat is an embodiment exactly of this harmonious fusion.

Emerging as a shining role model for ambitious women, Hanane’s journey serves as a guide of hope, encouraging others to pursue their aspirations with willpower, self-demand, and fluency.

“I would love to see more female founders in general. I know and respect a few powerful women from Morocco that I believe can be a great example for young girls.” mentioning her admiration for influencer Yasmina Olfi and singer Manal Benchlikha, both of whom she considers an inspiration.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the sources of inspiration are constantly changing. A situation that Hanane confirms based on her own personal experience. 

“My sources of inspiration change constantly,” she says. 

“At the beginning of the year, I like to create a Pinterest board and collect images of art, places, architecture, and fashion that inspire me at that particular moment and that will likely shape the creative direction of everything I do for Éclat.” 

Accordingly, she mentions how her aesthetic has shifted over the years, from minimalist black and white to a richness of colors and textures that remind her of her Moroccan roots.

In this vein, Hanane challenges the prevailing trend of complexity and extravagance in luxury, advocating for what she calls “effortless luxury,” and defines it as a more organic and innately elegant approach that doesn’t need to shout for attention. She also observes that the relationship between PR agencies and clients is ever-shifting, driven by the abundance of new ideas and creations in today’s competitive world.

Launching a project as a young entrepreneur can be a daunting experience, fraught with obstacles like limited experience, resources, and networks. However, about seven years ago, she fearlessly embarked on her journey with Éclat, starting the company single-handedly in her twenties. She attributes the success of Éclat to hard work, dedication, and ingenious creativity from her remarkable team.

Looking ahead, with ambition soaring high, she envisions the agency becoming increasingly global and expanding beyond its base in Los Angeles.

With a busy daily routine that encompasses various responsibilities and activities, Hanane expertly balances her personal and professional life through careful planning and unwavering dedication. With a two-year-old son, she and her husband, newly married, wake up to his natural 6 a.m. call before setting the tone of her day and focusing her mind on what truly matters.

“I like to squeeze in a few minutes of meditation when I can, it helps me balance the mind and remain focused on what matters the most,”  she explains that this ritual lays the foundation for a day of purpose and fulfillment, filling her spirit with hope and propelling her towards her loftiest aspirations – you know, aside from meetings, zoom calls and to-dos. 

Within this reflection of her, a woman who effortlessly bridges two worlds and inspires others to embrace diversity and carry on in their dreams. We question ourselves as to why she is so relatable. Is it because we find ourselves drawn to her relatability? She echoes a resounding call to leave an indelible mark on the world of entrepreneurship and creative excellence. In a world driven by innovation and ambition, we often find inspiration in the success stories of remarkable individuals who redefine boundaries. 

Hanane is no exception. She stands as a visionary force and a beacon of determination and grace.