The Tangerinn: A Beatnik Haven

In bygone days, Tangier‘s extraordinary past and vibrant culture beckoned to artists, writers, and nonconformists in search of a refuge from societal limitations. From 1924 to 1956, this city thrived as a multinational city, governed jointly, creating a haven of inclusivity and a push for open-mindedness.

Nestled within the core of the city stands the Tangerinn, an establishment that oozes wistful charm and reverently honors the iconic Beat Generation. For devotees of beatnik poets and the rich tapestry of literary history, this is a pilgrimage to make. Linked to the renowned Hotel El Muniria, where the brilliant mind of William S. Burroughs birthed his groundbreaking work “Naked Lunch,” the pub stands as a living testament to the literary legacy that surrounds it.

Stepping through its doors, a palpable sense of nostalgia engulfs you, whisking you away to the past, reminding visitors of the influential minds of poets that once graced its seats serving as a poignant reminder of the profound Beat Generation. A generation where creativity soared without restraint, and daringly challenged societal norms, offering a glimpse into a time of artistic liberation.

Recently, over the years, the Tangerinn underwent a transformation, embracing a fresh, hipster ambiance that reflects modern times. Nevertheless, its deep-rooted link to history remains unblemished, prominently displayed through captivating narratives that recount the tales of literary giants who once graced these very premises.

Unlocking its doors from 10 pm to 2 am, the pub invites eager patrons to revel in its nocturnal charm, except on serene Sundays when it takes a well-deserved rest. Embracing the limited business hours, a vibrant young crowd gathers, drawn to Tangier’s pulsating nightlife. Prepare to be immersed in a symphony of lively conversations, resonant music, and an electric ambiance that awakens your senses and ignites the night.

While the surrounding neighborhood may have retained a hint of its Bohemian past, and the edgy and adventurous spirit of the Beat Generation might have moved on, remnants of the past still live in the shadows. Step through its doors, let the ambiance take you back in time, and celebrate the legacy of the Beat Generation in a city that has forever been etched into literary history.