Colin Bosworth Talks Life And Real Estate In the Daughter Of The Desert

Marrakech is hotter than ever with its seduction of ever-evolving residential and commercial development, exclusive palm oasis panoramics, and all-encompassing access to the Agafay desert and Atlas mountains bringing in a melting pot and becoming a hub for the arts.

Bosworth Property Marrakech plays as key holder to some of the most fabulous residences and estates in the region. From magical villas in the Palmeraie to enchanting Medina Riads nearby metropolitan apartments overlooking the chromatic horizon sunsets; The brokerage often grants the keys to these homes to families, young professionals, hotels, and investment groups.

Hailed as Marrakech’s top broker, founder and CEO Colin Bosworth, a University of Wales graduate, originally from Switzerland, has dominated the southern market of Morocco for over the last decade. He’s been applauded as one of the most knowledgeable and unmatched luxury brokers in the industry – developing Bosworth Property Marrakech to hold an exclusive multi-million dollar portfolio.

Captured by his sound mind and strong spirit, the Swiss-Moroccan debonair, Bosworth, over the phone from Marrakech, talks life and real estate in the daughter of the desert… the red city. 

“I came to Morocco 35 years ago to cycle in the Atlas Mountains. I fell in love with the country immediately and returned many times before deciding to move here in 2011.” he explains “It’s a fabulous city, blending the ancient and the modern into a beautiful environment.” 

With a growing team of seven, including a digital marketing manager and his personal assistant, Colin’s success and secret sauce in dominating the national sub-regional Real Estate industry, is due to his rare level of expertise. His unique blend of casual creativity is unrivaled in a nod to the country’s lifestyle and its known elegance that’s both understated and overstated. 

“Morocco is such a varied and richly endowed country. It has fabulous natural attractions, a long and spectacular history, and a profound culture derived from various ethnic influences. So there really is something for everyone.” Colin mentions

From its meandering walled souks to luxury shopping districts with posh hotels, chic, bustling restaurants, and sexy rooftop bars; the ochre city offers an assortment variety of neighborhoods – and dwellings.

“With each property, you have to understand it,”  Colin states, instructing that his passion in real estate comes down to matchmaking and education, knowing the home, the architects, its purpose, history, and of course, his clientele. His mastery recognizes the importance of human factoring in business, and he builds Bosworth Property Marrakech upon this understanding without illusions, through his fluency in Arabic and French – and with his team. As a result, at the heart of every transaction, there’s mutual respect between the original owners and buyers, which is strengthened and enriched by Colin and Bosworth Property Marrakech associates. 

However, he’s “brutally honest” proclaiming… “whoever I sell to, becomes a neighbor” and that the city “ticks a lot of boxes” revealing that with many other markets shifting, as the economy shifts – globally – the national market has been quiet firm in sales and didn’t flinch much during the pandemic. “Now is always the best time” he advises that beyond the city’s ever-changing development, its sensual and hypnotic beauty, its myriad of geometric mosaics, the floral vegetation-inspired themes – and oh yeah, let’s not forget – its mesmerizing motives – it’s easy to spend a lifetime here.  

Morocco is on the up. In the north, there is a huge investment in industrial capacity. In the south, the renewable energy sector is booming. In Marrakesh, the property market is moving ahead strongly. This country is an amazing place right now.” Colin said. 

Having fallen in love with the winding cobble-stoned alleyways of Marrakesh and their addictive chaos, Colin himself owns three Riads, fully staffed, in the medieval Medina and Riad Laarous where he enjoys the simple luxuries of life with his wife, Claire, and their five-year-old daughter. “I work too much” he admits, but from the very beating heart of home, he enjoys getting lost in the labyrinth that both of these central neighborhoods cluster around, including the Zellij mosaics and orange trees of the Dar El Bacha, with its renowned Bacha Coffee House, and the breathtaking Ben Youssef Mosque – arguably the oldest and most important mosque in the city.

Naturally, through films like Lawrence of Arabia, The Mummy, Sex In The City 2, Gladiator, and other media, we often ideate Marrakech’s iconic jet-setting, glitzy glam and its oh-so tantalizing dusty mauve desert-chic palatial setting. Well, that’s not far off, but with socializing events and global affairs like the Marrakech Film Festival, the Oasis Festival, and the Marakech Marathon; real-deal movers and shakers are making the city home. Moreover the awe-inspiring metropolis, Colin organically vends a lifestyle; a true way of life, and a conventional mode of the city to nationals and internationals through Bosworth Property Marrakech with thousands of followers across its social media and YouTube outlets. Taking viewers through the vibrant streets and roaming the lush, emerald, secluded gardens. 

With the success of his brokerage and lifestyle channels, Colin has expanded Bosworth Property Marrakech to Essaouira, his beachy, nautical coast weekend getaway – at least when he can get away. The eastern Atlantic seaside port setting is gaining more public visibility increasing demand from weekenders of Marrakech and those looking for “AirBnb-able” as well as short-term rental investments. “The competition is fierce,” Colin said, something that’s not hard to imagine, especially with his exceptional inventory, making the real estate mogul and CEO, Broker of choice.  


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