Maison Brummell: Marrakesh Meet’s Ethereal Chic

The boutique house, with its ethereal ambiance, boasts eight distinct rooms and can accommodate up to sixteen while standing as a charming oasis discreetly next to the renowned Jardin Majorelle and surrounding villas. It’s a refuge where luxury and bohemian culture collide, focusing on prioritizing well-being and offering a range of amenities, including a private hammam complete with a massage room, steam bath, and a heated plunge pool. It’s most definitely akin to a personal spa retreat providing the ideal haven to relax after exploring the bustling medina – or just about anything.

The hotel exudes sophistication. It’s top-notch – from the Moroccan terrazzo stone floors to the brass Italian faucets and fixtures, Maison Brummell’s unparalleled craftsmanship seamlessly merges high-end design with carefully curated bespoke furniture – but you know the dreamy stuff – everything from local artisans to industrial design pieces by Egon Eierman, Ingo Maurer, Gio Ponti, and so on.

Created for those who appreciate the architectural finesse, the hotel, as featured in Condé Nast Traveller, Surface, and Arch Daily, is the brainchild of architect Bergendy Cooke in collaboration with Amine Abouraoui, who built this project from square one for its founder and hotelier, Christian Schallert to host family, friends and kindred spirits alike.

In ‘05, love sparked between Christian and Marrakesh during his first visit where he remarked that the city instantly gripped him, noting its convenient proximity to Barcelona, yet being so remarkably distinct. 

An economics major, originally from Austria, Christian has built quite a name for himself as a powerhouse and visionary in the hospitality scene. His reputation and influence have steadily grown as he’s ventured into other uber-popular projects including the Hotel Brummell in Barcelona, the Mas Sant Marc in the Pyrenees, and the Riad Brummell that recently opened along with two slick apartments in the Guilez section of Marrakesh. We’ll get to those later. His track record showcases a knack for trendsetting design and a commitment to redefining the hospitality experience. Maison Brummell is just another feather on his cap – but a feather as in a delicate masterpiece of nature and an exquisite example of form. 

Beyond aesthetics, Maison Brummell holds a superior reputation on Google, Priceline, and where many recent guests have naturally ranked the hotel a five out of five. This rating may not come as to surprise as Christian naturally believes in the power of having an A-team staff – intelligent, warm-hearted, and dedicated to creating unforgettable guest experiences. To support this, in return, he goes the extra mile to support his team in professional development in whatever they may need. 

Brummell projects focus on “casual luxury”, less flash, more heart, and soul. It’s all about taking care of travelers from all over the world, offering accommodations that share the same values with a sharp focus on detail, and a splash of creativity with service that’s impeccable.

In line with this philosophy, this idea epitomizes Christian’s commitment to white-glove service, offering two private apartment residences “Appartements Brummel” conveniently located near the main house in Gueliz, that blends the privacy and comfort of a flat, with the luxurious amenities of a hotel and the newly opened “Riad Brummel” for those drawn to be front row and center in the Medina.

So while you mull over your next Marrakesh moment, surrender to the magic as Christian Schallert’s Maison Brummel promises to let your desires lead to an immersive and genuine stay.