Brice Bexter El Glaoui, A Moroccan Star In The Sky

Brice Bexter El Glaoui, one of the most prominent faces of Moroccan cinema, has succeeded in reaching the world, and his star has been shining more little by little within the arms of art and beauty.

Brice was born in an artistic milieu distinguished mainly by his childhood at the hands of his maternal grandfather Hassan El Glaoui, who is considered to this day, a unique icon, and a great pioneer of art in Morocco. Thanks to this, Brice was raised in the visual arts, so his talents opened and his artistic and intellectual talents developed greatly. Brice credits his acting career to his grandmother, who encouraged him to take this path long ago. 

During his childhood, the lawless Brice El Glaoui dreamed, and his mind carried him so far into the realms of imagination even in the classroom, that his grandmother suggested he be treated with theater practice, and the results were impressive. After his rich and varied childhood, Brice moved to the US. There, he joined the New York Film Academy and the Lee Strasberg Institute of Theater and Film, which allowed him to develop his artistic talent and write his name on the pages of world cinema.

Thanks to his instinct for art, it was not surprising that Brice was one day able to play different roles for sometimes simple and sometimes complex characters. His openness to people made it quite easy for him to embody the personalities of different cultures and characteristics. Bexter’s first job experience was in Rabat while filming Ridley Scott’s thriller, Body of Lies“, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. During the event, Brice auditioned for this film and ended up working on it for two months.

After, Brice participated in other cinematic projects filmed in Morocco, such as the movie “Miss Fisher and the Vault of Tears”, the drama “Greetings from ISIS”, the tape “The Moderator”, and the hit movie “Redemption Day” by Moroccan producer and director Hicham Hajji, starring Gary Dourdan and Serenda. Swan, Andy Garcia, Ernie Hudson, and Robert Knepper. In this film, Bexter plays a senior Moroccan intelligence agent who helps a former US Marine infiltrate a terrorist group to rescue his wife and American hostages.

In addition, in August 2020, Brice joined the cast of the upcoming new TV show “Glow & Darkness”, produced by Dreamlight and directed by Josie Luis Moreno, starring Jane Seymour, Dennis Richards, and Joan Collins. In this film, Brice plays Humphrey of Torun, a major figure known in the Crusades of the 12th century.

Currently, Brice is preparing to perform his first role in the French language in the film directed by Anwar Moatasem entitled “Attoman, Wind Rider”, which is considered the first film for a Moroccan superhero, in which French actors of Maghreb origin, such as Sami Nasri, and musician “Laartist” (known for also in the name of Yosef Akdim). The film is expected to be shown at the end of this year.

In recognition of his outstanding talent and diverse works, Screen International chose him as one of the most prominent stars of tomorrow 2020 at the Arab level, and today he is on the list of the five most influential actors and directors in the Arab world.

In a very private interview, Brice answered Moroccan Digest about how he stays in touch with the roles he played in the past and how he views them in the present…

“I do believe that somehow I stay connected to past characters. As I grow older I get to look back at them and the way I have built them. Incarnating roles at different moments of my life allows me to witness my emotional growth and my technique’s evolution. They have a lot of meaning to me, they represent unique memories, hard work, and great learning experiences which I hope allows me to get better at what I do each time a little bit more.”

When asked about whether he sets certain limits for the roles he plays, for social or intellectual reasons, El Glaoui explained that as long as the proposed role addresses his conscience, he has no objection to his performance, adding that if he finds the possibility of communication and fusion with the character, he will not refuse to embody it inevitably. “As long as the role speaks to me I do not mind. If I find it possible to connect with the character and do it justice, I am all in!”

On his expectations from the movie “Fatema, La Sultane Inoubliable”, Brice explained that the story of Fatima Mernissi deserves to be told in honor of this woman expressing his pride to be part of a brilliant and unique story. In this context, Brice told us  “Fatema, Mernissi La Sultane Inoubliable” was a wonderful story to be part of, this woman was and still is, so inspiring. I am proud to be part of a cinematographic project that will allow the younger generation to learn more about this fascinating woman and her incredible tale. I am even happier to incarnate her wonderful cousin the incredible movie director Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi. The movie is told from his point of view as a director and a cousin.”

Apart from the current works, we asked the young, handsome actor what he would like to do differently in his upcoming works and his response was that there are many things on his mind… 

“So many things, I am always trying to improve my technique and bring with me all the lessons I have learned on my previous projects. I also want to enjoy it more, it can get so stressful sometimes that you can forget to have fun. Never forget to have fun, as my old acting teacher used to say.”

Before we ended our conversation with him, we asked him about his daily routine during the weekends and he replied that he always tries to spend time with family and friends, the same people he misses when he travels for work. He boasts that he’s just a random guy on the weekends, who relaxes, loves outdoor activities, and goes out with friends, to the movies, and restaurants. “Somedays I enjoy staying at home, cooking food, and reading a book or watching Netflix.”

Finally, we asked him about the closest thing to true magic in his eyes, and he answered with one word: