Top 5 Best Moroccan Cosmetic Brands You Need This Season

The Moroccans

Founded in 2015, the Moroccans cosmetic brand is known for its 100% natural products, mainly made with Argan, honey, peppermint, and other bio ingredients that you can take a look at on their official website.

From Elixirs to light scrubs, to floral waters, The Moroccans provide all types of skin, hair, and body care products. You can also get a 10% discount by subscribing to their newsletter, or by using promo codes. The Moroccans support shipping worldwide, as well as a 30 days refund service if you are not satisfied with the product.

Yan & One

Known as the 1st Moroccan cosmetic and beauty smart store in the whole world, Yan and One was founded in 2017 by Salwa Idrissi Akhannouch, President of the Aksal group, her main mission is to make use of today’s technology to launch a high-end brand not only in Morocco but internationally. 

From makeup to perfumes, to shampoos, Yan & One has everything a woman looks for in a cosmetic brand, and that’s not everything. The brand provides a new shopping experience owing to smart touch mirrors, multiple digital tabs, videos and tutorials, and other high-tech systems.

Charme du Maroc

As its name suggests, Charme du Maroc, or “the Moroccan Charm” is a unique and authentic Moroccan cosmetic brand founded in 1975. The label provides a variety of collections that you can use on different occasions, for example, the “Essential for Hammam” collection where you can find everything you need for a day in the Moroccan Hammam, or the “Corps de Nymphette” collection for body care products like lotions and scrubs. And the list goes on, you can visit the official website to check their other astonishing collections. Additionally, each product is carefully made with natural components such as Shea butter, Henne, Argan, Aloe Vera…etc.


Launched in 1997, what Nectarome does, is take ancestral grandma recipes and turn them into more modern and up-to-date products, so you get a little bit of both, a product that is original, and at the same time classy. Nectarome offers all kinds of beauty care, bath, Hamman, and dietary products, as well as a “home and gifts” category. You can shop for Nectarome products in Casablanca or Marrakech, or abroad in Paris. They also support e-shopping on their official website.

Douaa Cosmetics

Douaa Cosmetics has helped millions of people who suffer from hair damage/loss. The brand’s purpose is to provide natural products that can facilitate hair growth. They also offer other options for skincare such as their new product called “Glow Up”. You can shop for Douaa Cosmetics products online through their official website, or via their Instagram account.