MORGN: The New Creative Face Of Moroccan Rap

Currently filming his new video for his upcoming song “Blanco II”, Abdessamad Aadoui, mostly known as MORGN, sits down with Moroccan Digest.

MORGN, a young artsy soul of Marrakesh, and a hardcore rock and hip-hop fan who started music as a personal indulgence is now making more and more inspiring music for his everyday-growing fan base. His fashion style, which ever so slightly reminds me of Prince, hints that he may be a fearless creator.

In parallel to his music journey, MORGN is a free spirit, taking advantage of many outlets to express himself  “As for my music journey, I started off as an author and poet. I’ve always loved to create original things using words. In 2017, I officially launched my music career and have been uploading my songs on platforms ever since.”  MORGN’s music has inspirational glimpses of XXXTentacion and Frank Ocean. But his catchy choruses and mellow vocals give him a higher standing position amidst other emerging artists. 

Motivation from new worldwide fans and international regions where there is less creative freedom keeps MORGN inspired, as the recurring themes of his music revolve around individual freedom, mental health, anti-censorship, and rebellion against societal taboos. He looks up to collaborating with more acclaimed artists and he wants to be a better version of himself both, personally and professionally. 

A classic family man, “Whenever I go visit them, I hang out with my little cousins; I love showing them my new unreleased music.” he tells us if he isn’t creating music or working, he is fully in love with his city; exploring, spending time with family, friends, watching sports, trying new foods or in the kitchen himself, as he loves to cook “The sound of food sizzling on a hot pan is one of the most satisfying sounds to me.”  He simply enjoys life, “I’m not really into describing myself, I’m more into letting my vibes speak for me and letting people draw their own conclusions.” 

Rap and Hip Hop music in Morocco is currently rising, revolutionizing the next generation and opening a new sound wave in North Africa and the Middle East. MORGN is no exception – artists, much like himself are breaking bigger-than-ever barriers, while also infusing traditional beats and exporting them beyond the average norm. 

With Rap and Hip-Hop turning 50 years old this year, the international industry’s semi-centennial anniversary is filled with new emerging and pioneering creators paving the way to make and finalize their mark. MORGN’S dope artistry and music can be found on Spotify and YouTube.