Mouna, We’re All Over The Moon With Her Talent

Mouna, a young talented woman of Fez, with a musical style heavily influenced by Adele, performs incredible covers on her new YouTube channel.

In addition to singing, Mouna embraces the world of fashion easily and devotes an important part of her daily time to that. Through her Instagram, Mouna shares her personal experiences and her own world vision of fashion. She says she tends to prefer simple designs that are far from complex and finds it indescribably psychological with mental comfort.

In parallel with these two creative talents, Mouna continued her postgraduate studies, culminating in obtaining a master’s degree in Marketing and International Trade. Today, she is a digital content maker and simultaneously works within an international talent scout company.

Mona tells Moroccan Digest I am Mouna. A young Moroccan woman from Fez, holds a master’s degree in Marketing and International Trade, and I am currently working in the field of talent discovery in a French multinational company, in Fez, I have a great interest in fashion, sports, and singing.”

In relation to this point in particular, and about why she is affected by the lyrical style of Adele and not others, Mouna explained that since childhood, she has been passionate about music and singing, and has always dreamed of becoming a well-known singer in Morocco and the world, noting that Adele is one of the artists who has influenced her as she is talented not only as a singer but also as a songwriter, so she sees her as a reflection of her personality.

Away from singing, we asked Mouna about her passion for fashion, and about the things that inspire her and make her minimalist in her choices. Her response is that it is related to the principle of simplicity that she adopts, which she puts as a comprehensive attitude towards fashion and clothing in general. In this context, Mouna sees it as important to have a mindset that focuses on the essentials rather than worrying about unimportant details.

Regarding her life in Fez, Mouna explained that she is happy, because life in this city is very simple, inspiring, calm, and without pressure, and the people of Fez are very hospitable. In connection, Mouna indicated that she loves Fez because it is a historical and spiritual city, and often spends her free time in the old city because it is the beating heart of the city. It is also admired for its different markets, fragrant scents, colors, and handcrafts. And through the various spaces of the old city – says Mouna – we explore the footprints of the first Moroccan dynasties.

Her daily routine? She wakes up at seven in the morning, and stays on her bed in the dark for about a quarter of an hour, before she wakes up, washes her face first, and then goes to shower. This routine – according to Mouna – is the same almost every day except Saturday and Sunday. 

She went on to tell that after taking a shower, she drinks a glass of lukewarm water with honey, and waits 30 minutes before eating breakfast. After that, she goes out to work and comes home at noon to have lunch with the family and then back to work. “I try to drink as much water as possible, finish my workday around 5:00 pm, go to the gym, and spend about an hour and a half in it. Then I shower and eat a balanced diet, then go see my best friend. Then I’ll work on my personal projects such as pictures, videos, music, etc. In the evening before bed, I watch a documentary or film or a TV series, while I drink a cup of chamomile tea or verbena tea.

Unlike normal weekdays, her schedule during the weekends is busier, but she tries to adapt to the situation by allocating special time for her and her personal projects such as photography, recording, travel, and others.

Mouna highlighted that she is working on a number of projects in music and fashion, noting that music was and will remain her main priority and that she is currently preparing new songs to add to her first song. As for her new YouTube channel, Mouna made it clear that the content that she will be providing will mostly be cover songs for now.