Unveiling Hollywood’s Untold Stories

A Photographic Journey into the Silver Screen

Step into the world of Hollywood like never before as the Foundation for Photography of Tangier, founded by visionary art enthusiasts Françoise and Daniel Aron, proudly presents its newest exhibition, “Hollywood Inattendu” – photography invites cinema,” featuring a stunning collection curated by Robert Flynn Johnson. To January 31st, 2024, this captivating showcase offers a truly unique perspective on the enigmatic universe of Hollywood, delving into the behind-the-scenes and untold stories of its iconic stars, while unveiling the well-kept secrets of this legendary film industry. Get ready to be immersed in the little-known tales that have left an indelible mark on both cinema and popular culture.

The curator of these photographs, Robert Flynn Johnson, highlights the exceptional work of renowned international artists. The exhibition comes to fruition after a serendipitous meeting with French photographer Daniel Aron and his team. Sharing a profound love for cinema and the idea of marrying photography with the world of movies, Robert generously opens up his collections for this groundbreaking event. Together, they set out to portray Hollywood as a realm where the allure of dazzling lights, exquisite attire, and intricate makeup finds a remarkable counterpoint with intimate off-screen images, reconnecting the stars with their audience in a refreshingly candid way. This captivating collaboration took shape in 2022, culminating in the grand exhibition scheduled for 2023. Furthermore, Daniel underlines the coincidence with the symbolic twinning of “the cities of Dakhla and Hollywood.”

A treasure trove of ‘Backstage’ Photos Robert Flynn Johnson’s discerning eye has unearthed an array of mesmerizing photographs that take center stage in the “Hollywood Unexpected” exhibition. Until recently, the subject of cinema in the history of photography has remained somewhat overlooked by art historians and museums. However, as Robert eloquently explains, the millions of studio photographs produced between 1920 and 1970 embody a captivating blend of commercial promotion, aesthetics, and popular culture, truly qualifying as fine art. They hold within them the reflections of generations who once sat in darkened theaters, where dreams, fears, and fantasies converged on the silver screen.

Within the exhibition’s splendid display, visitors are treated to the breathtaking portrait of the enigmatic Swedish actress Greta Garbo, captured by the skilled lens of British photographer Ceci Beaton. Additionally, one can marvel at the captivating photographs of the iconic German actress Marlène Dietrich, taken by the visionary American photographer Milton Greene, and the legendary American beauty Elizabeth Taylor, immortalized by the lens of Philippe Halsman. In a nostalgic tribute to cinematic history, the collection features Elizabeth Taylor alongside her fifth (and sixth) husband, the brilliant actor Richard Burton, on the set of the iconic film “The Sandpiper,” perfectly preserved by a studio film photographer in Hollywood. Further enriching the compilation are the evocative portrayals of American actress Jane Mansfield, captured by an astute American press photographer, and the alluring Italian actress Sophia Loren, preserved for eternity by the talented Italian photographer, Pierluigi Praturlon. French treasures are also well-represented, with captivating shots of the iconic Jeanne Moreau, masterfully taken by the German visionary Helmut Newton, and the enchanting Brigitte Bardot, immortalized by a skilled French film studio photographer, among many others. All of these photographic gems are presented in their vintage silver print splendor, transporting visitors to the golden age of cinema.

A pioneering foundation in the Kingdom notably, the Foundation for Photography of Tangier holds the distinction of being the first private institution dedicated to promoting this artistic discipline in Morocco. Conceived in 2018 by the passionate duo Françoise and Daniel Aron, this foundation has since taken on the mission of organizing temporary exhibitions and curating a permanent collection, featuring the exquisite works of renowned photographers Assmaa Akhannouch, Mhamed Kilito, Fatim-Zahra Serri, Francesca Woodman, Horst, Man Ray, Harry Gruyaert. With each exhibition, the Foundation for Photography of Tangier continues to celebrate the harmonious fusion of art and culture, shining a spotlight on the enchanting stories behind the lens and the silver screen. Step into this captivating world of “Hollywood Inattendu,” where every photograph captures a thousand words and transports you on an unforgettable journey into the heart of cinematic magic.